Class Description

Dent Repair 

1 day class 6 hours 9:am-3:pm and evening class 4:pm-10:pm

Learn how to repair a dent on fenders and doors . You will learn safety, how to hammer and dolly a dent, repair a dent using dent pulling equipment, stud welder and glue pulling. The use of body filler, grinding, power tools, sanding using multiple grits of sand paper. You will learn how to bring that repair to primer. Cost $225.00 per student Reserve your spot today. This class is for the restorer, beginner, hobbyist, retired person, the do it yourselfer that wants to learn how to restore their own vehicle. Fly in for the weekend, discount hotel rates across the street and of course the vacationer that’s just can’t do another theme park.

Rust Repair and Body Repair 

3-day class is only held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:am-3:pm each day six hours and total course hours 18.

Learn how to repair a rusted panel, remove rusted metal and replace new metal, cut and shape new part, attach by welding and also by structural epoxy instead of welding. You will be taught safety , grinding, cutting, welding, application of epoxies, body work, sanding to repair the area for primer. Cost $675.00 per student

These are beginner classes and are geared to give you the proper foundation to start a career or to start repairing your own vehicle. Once we teach you the basics, it’s up to you to practice and perfect your skills. Nothing comes without practice, remember: “Learn to earn” is our motto. Dezer Autoseum Automotive 5250 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

Auto Collision Repair


This class covers unibody and frame repair, estimating, gas welding, mig welding, measuring of car dimensions, parts replacement, alignment of sheet metal, part determination repair or replace of damaged parts, safety with working with this type of equipment.

Automotive Painting


This class focuses on the basics of how to paint your vehicle. Training will involve hands-on experience that will touch on all aspects of proper application of water-based and solvent paints. Topics include prepping for paint, masking, sanding, priming, color matching, mixing paint and blending.

Classic Car Restoration


This class focuses on the restoration of classic cars and trucks. Training will involve hands-on experience that will touch on many aspects of restoring the body of a classic vehicle back to its former glory. This can lead to a career or expand your professional skill set and is also geared to the hobbyist that just wants to do it themselves.



This Lotus James Bond Car came straight from the future
when it made it's debut in the James Bond 007 movie!


Check out our Speed Racer, which was
used in actual film production on set
in many episodes. You can take a ride in
it around town!!


The classic Batmobile from the 60's,
1966 to be exact!


This Classic Muscle Car was featured in
the hit movie "x-X-x", with Vin Diesel behind
the wheel pulling amazing stunts and tricks.


Known as the "Green Hornet", Green and Black,
this powerhouse is a very unique and mysterious car.


This Classic Muscle Car was featured in the
hit tv series Dukes of Hazards